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  • Author Aphrodite
  • 15.07.2021 · Reading time 3 minutes
Common cruises were yesterday

For some years now, themed cruises

have been in vogue.

Theme cruises are not only becoming increasingly popular, there are also more and more different target groups who want to share their interests and hobbies with like-minded people at sea. Who thinks with topic cruises only at hit sea voyages, gourmet cruises with top cooks, dance cruises or single cruises, deceives itself enormously.

Image: Pool deck clothing optional Pool deck clothing optional

Gay cruises are available on Mein Schiff 2 from TUI

Head-shaking heavy metal fans, on the Full Metal Cruise, are on board Mein Schiff 4. The techno cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line by World Dome Club, from organizer Breiter, has the whole ship bouncing around the Mediterranean at a whopping 150 bpm in 2019. Further, there are Golf & Sail Cruises and adults only cruises (Adults only Cruises) that are guaranteed to be child-free.

One type of themed cruise, however, that is often ridiculed and yet is probably one of the most successful of all themed cruises is Swinger Cruises also called Couples only Cruises (Cruises for Couples).

For your themed cruises, many operators charter the entire ship and sell the cabins to their target audience. The ships come from established shipping companies such as Royal Caribbean or Azamara Cruises and other companies that also offer ordinary cruises. Often, however, it is the shipping companies themselves that are looking for new customers and thus, in addition to the mass product cruise, increasingly offer their trips only for a specific target group.

Image: group of young people having fun

The routes are similar to the ordinary cruises

The ships are mostly during our summer months in Europe and then in winter in the Caribbean. The offer on board is also like that on an ordinary cruise.

Cruises are known for good food that is always fresh and extensive available (buffets, à la carte, specialty restaurants and snacks), usually everything is also baked fresh. There is a huge selection of drinks that you can have in different places on the ship.

What is the difference that makes themed cruises so different?
The expanded offerings for the target groups chartered for the ship.

These are concerts, merchandise booths, information booths, seminars, workshops. There are costume parties, events, parties, discos and screenings, you can be naked or even have sex with your partner or others. But you are always among people who share the same interests. Here you are not smiled at, no one points the finger at you or talks behind closed doors, because everyone is on board for the same reason.

Because theme cruises are becoming increasingly popular and no one wants to miss the business, ideas are often taken up directly by the cruise companies and offered themselves.

Image: kissing couple in pool at sunset with cocktails in hands

Nudism is no longer a specialty even on AIDA ships

Only one kind of theme cruises no German or European provider wants to have anything to do with and that is the
cruises for swingers (Couples only Cruises). Surprising, because the most successful theme cruises worldwide are probably the swinger cruises.

Three providers are romping around the market: Bliss Cruise - SDC and Desire Cruises. The providers are from the U.S. and Mexico, respectively, and all three charter ships from major shipping companies. The No. 1 player in the market for many years has been Bliss Cruise on Celebrity Cruise ships. They manage to do one or two cruises a year, each with well over 3000 people on board.

However, we are most interested in the Nudist and the Swinger Cruises (Couples only Cruises) and we would like to take a closer look at these in the future.

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