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Do you know affiliates?

An affiliate program is a type of partnership between a company and an affiliate provider. Affiliates are external companies or persons who offer services or products that they do not provide themselves or do not own, in order to earn money with the help of the generated traffic (website visitors). This provider receives a commission when a deal is successfully closed. For example, he may advertise a sales outlet that he refers without being responsible for the sale of specific services or products.

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Afiliates on travel booking sites

Affiliates can also be found on travel booking sites that embed third-party travel offers on their websites in order to earn money. The more offers / websites, the more traffic (website visitors), the more revenue, so the basic idea of this business partnership.

These affiliate travel offers (that can be cruises, hotels or any other tourist service) are not, as one would actually assume, offered by the affiliate itself.

An affiliate is not always immediately recognizable, you see a nicely done travel page with offers and prices. The affiliate directs you further to the service provider when booking. It is also possible, depending on which page you landed on, that the affiliate accepts your booking on his page and forwards your data to the service provider.

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A cookie is stored in your browser

A cookie is stored in your browser, which makes the referral process traceable. This cookie contains information about where you came from (which website) and who sent you (affiliate ID number). This is important for the affiliate who, in case of a booking, wants to receive a commission from the service provider of the travel service for the successful referral of your booking. 

However, as a consumer you are only a contractual partner of the service provider (cruise line, hotel or tour operator), the affiliate has no contractual relationship with you. Affiliates can be travel bloggers, travel websites, social media influencers or other online platforms, who often work with many websites to generate so-called traffic (many website visitors).

From a legal perspective, travel booking affiliates are usually classified as independent distributors. They are not directly in contractual connection with the service providers, but work as independent companies or individuals. They have no official sales relationship with the company and are not obliged to carry out their activities in any particular way.

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What are the disadvantages of booking with an affiliate?

The service provider does not feel responsible for the affiliate in any way, often he does not even know him. The service provider has received your booking, but you are just a number with a booking.

Let's say your cruise or hotel stay has been cancelled. You now need to contact the service provider, they may be located abroad and may not even speak your language.

What to do? The affiliate does not feel responsible to you, will not refund your money and cannot help you in any other way. This is a situation no one wants to be in.

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We show responsibility for your booking and your money

The last few years have been very turbulent for the tourism industry worldwide. Cancellations, interruptions or postponements of trips were the order of the day. Not everyone got their money back, many are still waiting for it today. 

In the EU, tour operators were able to issue vouchers to somewhat cushion the losses caused by the pandemic. We refused the voucher solution from the beginning, our customers always got their money back.

We know that some care providers have taken their time or stubbornly refused. In some cases with a manner that we have found unacceptable. These providers are now also no longer contractual partners of Aphrodite Travel and can be found on our website. This is also a reason why not all offers that are available on the net can be found on our website. For us, the quantity is completely irrelevant, for us it depends on the quality of the providers.

We have known the service providers that we offer on our website for over 20 years. We know of course, as long as there are no problems with the reservation or the money, everything is good. It's only when problems arise that you find out how good the company you booked with really is.

Even with the last hurricane on the Dominican Republic, to the opening of the new Temptation Grand Miches / Miches Resort, there were problems that we could solve absolutely to the satisfaction of our customers. This is only possible with reliable partners, who handle problems promptly and find a customer-friendly solution. With Aphrodite Travel as a partner at your side, you can rely on quality and perfect customer service, as the last 20 years have shown.